Digital-first journal production starts here — and it's faster

Our software-based typesetting and proofing service generates PDF, HTML, and full-text XML articles simultaneously from unformatted manuscript files.

Scholastica production dashboard and a screenshot of an article typeset by Scholastica production service on multiple devices.

We use smart software to produce articles quickly and affordably

Scholastica's production team uses a software-based process to produce articles in PDF, HTML, and full-text XML simultaneously from a single source with no file conversion or validation steps on your part.

Screenshot of an artcle typeset by Scholastica production service on a tablet device.
Skip production steps for editors and authors

Scholastica’s production process generates articles from original manuscripts with no file conversion or validation steps for editors or authors.

Harness the power of automation

We use automation to improve production time and accuracy, from figure/table sizing to reference checks, including Machine Learning for citation enhancement.

Meet the latest metadata standards

We produce rich JATS XML metadata for articles, including references, funding details, copyright licenses, CRediT roles (when input), and PIDs like DOIs, ORCID, and ROR IDs.

Let us manage production for you

Scholastica offers an end-to-end production solution. Our US-based team manages everything for you, from layout to typesetting to proof review.

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Scholastica provides us, a small nonprofit press, with all the features we need in a customizable, seamless package at a fair price. We also really appreciate your responsive customer service!

Anna Wetterberg
Senior Manager
Get articles in all the formats you need fast
Scholastica's production service uses advanced software to generate PDF, HTML, and full-text XML articles simultaneously from original DOCX or LaTeX manuscripts and accompanying files with no pre-formatting steps on your part. So you get the benefits of a single-source code-based production process without having to convert files to XML or work in a special text editing tool.
Scholastica's production service dashboard add article files feature.
Screenshot of an article about to be sent to Scholastica for typesetting.
Save time during proofing and eliminate room for error
Since we use a software-based process to generate PDF, HTML, and full-text XML article files from a single source, they're always in sync. Any updates made during proofing are reflected across all file types automatically. That means authors and editors only have to review one article proof without worrying about version control steps.

Flexible production to fit your publishing needs

No contracts

With Scholastica, you stay in control. Start and stop using our production service at any time based on your needs, not a contract.

No article minimums

Whether you need to typeset 500 articles or 5, we have you covered with no minimum requirements. Just submit requests as needed.

Easy file exports

Need to send typeset articles to another platform or index? No problem! We make exporting files easy, including Silverchair-compatible XML.

Improve your reading experience
Scholastica produces articles to meet the needs of modern readers. We offer sleek, uncluttered single- and two-column PDF layouts optimized for online browsing. And since we use a software-based process to format figures, tables, and equations, they're always consistent and perfectly fit to PDF pages. When hosted via Scholastica's open access publishing platform, our HTML articles are also mobile-friendly, with the option to embed dynamic videos, graphs, and tables in the text.
Screenshot of an HTML article and PDF article that used Scholastica production service.
An article that was typeset by the Scholastica production service, highlighting the XML download feature.
Expand article indexing and discoverability
Scholastica optimizes the full-text XML article files we produce for indexing and discovery with rich machine-readable metadata for references, funding details, CRediT roles (when input), persistent identifiers (PIDs) like DOIs, ORCID, and ROR IDs, and more. Our full-text XML is formatted in the JATS standard, ready for ingestion in academic archives and indexes, including the DOAJ, PubMed Central, and PubMed search.

We handle the entire production process — so you have more time for everything else

Our US-based team handles all production steps from the time we get your copyedited manuscripts, with a 1-week turnaround time from each typesetting request through initial proof review. And we can easily integrate with your in-house copyediting workflow or an external service provider (we even have copyediting partners we can recommend!).
PDF layout and formatting

We handle all PDF article composition steps with no work on your part


Articles are typeset into PDF, HTML, and full-text XML from a single source

Citation normalization

We do citation checks and conversions to any major style as needed (e.g., APA, MLA)

Metadata enrichment

We use Machine Learning to enrich citation metadata where possible

Proof review

Our team manages the proofing process working directly with authors

Standards-aligned XML

We format XML for discovery services, including Crossref, DOAJ, and PMC

Screenshot of the importing metadata from a peer reviewed manuscript feature.
Bridge publishing process gaps to speed up time to publication
You can speed up your time to publication when you use Scholastica's peer review, production and/or open access publishing solutions together. Journals using our peer review system can import accepted manuscripts and metadata straight to our production service. And open access journals using our hosting platform can publish articles as they're ready in a few clicks.