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Peer Review, OA Publishing, or Both?

Peer Review


Automation for faster peer review: auto-emails, deadline reminders and more
Manuscripts table to easily search, sort, and assign submissions
File versioning and blindness control
Manage all peer review communication in one place
Metrics to track journal performance
Reviewer table to store and track activity

OA Publishing


(billed annually)
Professional journal website hosting with custom domain in minutes
Simple journal website editor - no web developer needed
Modern PDF article viewer
Google Scholar indexing and metadata that shows up in search
Readership analytics: views, downloads, and more
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these really the only costs?

Yes! There are no additional monthly fees, no installation fees, no other fees of any kind for Scholastica Peer Review or Open Access Publishing. For Peer Review there is a minimum of 25 submissions per year ($250), with any unused credit rolling over.

Are back issues free to upload?

Definitely! You can host all your old issues on Scholastica at no additional cost.

Can my journal have authors pay the peer review submission fee?

Yes, you can include a submission step prompting authors to pay the submission fee by credit card.

How will my journal be charged?

Journals are automatically charged each month for Peer Review. If you use the author pays model for peer review submission fees, you'll be all set on that front. Open Access Publishing is charged once per year.

Is there a long term contract?

No! You can signup in just a few minutes, and you're free to cancel at any time. If you ever need to export your data, just send us an email and we'll help you download everything in a standardized format (e.g. XML, JSON, etc). In the near future, journals will be able to export their data with a single click.

What if I have other questions?

Use our contact page to let us know if you have any questions.

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