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Easily track peer review across one or multiple academic journals with centralized system

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Keep peer review communication organized with centralized Discussion threads

Journals can manage all of their peer review communication right on Scholastica via manuscript Discussions. Use Discussions like you would email to start a message chain with anyone — editors, authors, or reviewers. Recipients can view and respond to Discussions from Scholastica or their email, and all Discussion threads will be saved in Scholastica with the manuscript they're about. You can also create Discussion templates for common messages to save time.

Always know where manuscripts are in peer review

Tracking manuscripts throughout peer review is easier with Scholastica. From the Manuscripts Table you can:

  • Search for and sort manuscripts by author, title, date submitted, and review stage
  • Add custom tags to manuscripts to easily manage like submissions
  • Assign new manuscripts to editors and see all current editor assignments
  • Track each manuscript's peer review status and if it has pending or late reviews

Easily manage editorial workflows across one or multiple journals

Managing editorial operations across one or more journals is easy with Scholastica's peer review system. Peer review managers can toggle between journals from their user dashboard to:

  • See a log of all the latest editorial activity at the journal
  • Assign and track editorial team to-dos
  • Make automatic or one-off manuscript assignments
  • Quickly search for and sort editors and see their number of manuscript assignments

Build out your reviewer database and track reviewer performance

Journals can quickly invite scholars to review manuscripts from Scholastica's peer review system using customizable invitation templates. All reviewers are stored in a Reviewers Table that you can search and sort. With Scholastica you can:

  • Track reviewer performance metrics, like average days to complete a review
  • Keep reviewers on task with automated reminders
  • Organize reviewers by specialty using custom tags
  • See when each reviewer was last invited and if they have pending or late assignments
  • Customize the review form to ensure you get the feedback that matters most

Seamlessly process publication charges via CCC RightsLink

Open Access journals with article processing charges can simplify invoicing by integrating Scholastica's peer review system with a Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) RightsLink account. With the integration:

  • RightsLink publication charge invoicing is initiated from Scholastica with no manual steps
  • Metadata to process author discounts is sent to RightsLink from Scholastica
  • Invoices are generated automatically when articles are accepted
  • Authors can easily access RightsLink invoice pages from their Scholastica account

Make manuscript decisions more quickly and easily

Making manuscript decisions is easier with Scholastica. Using Scholastica's peer review system you can:

  • Create customizable email templates to quickly communicate decisions and next steps
  • Include merge tags in email templates for common fields like author name
  • Attach any necessary files to decisions (reviewer notes, final edits, etc.)
  • Edit reviewer comments as needed to ensure comments are clear and constructive

Catch bottlenecks in peer review before they occur

With Scholastica, your team will have access to real-time journal and editor performance analytics that you can use to assess and improve your peer review process including:

  • Total manuscript submissions by date
  • Manuscripts in progress
  • Average days to a decision at the journal and editor level
  • Average manuscripts per editor
  • Average acceptance and rejection rate at the journal and editor level


Designate single- and double-blind submissions and specify the information authors and reviewers are able to see.

file versions

With Scholastica, editors can easily attach new files to manuscripts and update manuscript files as needed.

administrative tasks

Keep editors, authors, and reviewers on track with automated notifications for manuscript assignments and deadlines.

Answer authors' questions
before they ask.

Help your authors stay on top of their submissions by enabling automatic author notifications. Notifications let authors know when their papers have been received and where they are in peer review.

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