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Struggling to keep manuscript-related emails organized? There's an easier way!

Start and store all peer review communication right on Scholastica using manuscript Discussions. You can send a Discussion message to anyone — reviewer, editor, or author - and all responses to that Discussion will be saved on Scholastica, next to the manuscript it’s about. View and respond to Discussions on Scholastica or via email.

You can also use customizable message templates to quickly send recurring communications, such as reviewer invitations and author decisions.

Spend less time trying to keep track of where manuscripts are in peer review

With Scholastica Peer Review, you'll always know where each manuscript is in your review process. Use the Manuscripts Table to get a bird's-eye view of the peer review status of all your journal's submissions and to see which editors are assigned to them. From the Manuscripts Table you can easily:

  • Search for and sort manuscripts by author, title, date submitted, and stage in review
  • Assign new manuscripts to editors and see all current editor assignments
  • Add custom tags to manuscripts to group like submissions
  • See which manuscripts have been assigned to reviewers and if they have submitted, pending, or late reviews

Finding and inviting peer reviewers doesn’t have to be a chore

You can easily invite scholars to review manuscripts for your journal from Scholastica Peer Review. All of your reviewer invitations and activity will be automatically stored in your account where you can:

  • See all the peer reviewers you’ve invited and track performance stats, including: the number of reviews they’ve done, average number of days to complete a review, and pending or late assignments
  • Customize your journal's review form to ensure you get the feedback that matters most to you and your authors
  • Keep reviewers on task with automated reminders, including invitation reminder emails
  • Organize your peer reviewers by specialty using custom tags

Catch bottlenecks in peer review before they occur

Scholastica's real-time journal performance analytics show you high-level stats you can use to assess and improve your peer review process like:

  • Average manuscripts per editor
  • Average time to manuscript decision
  • Days to decision by editor
  • Average acceptance rate and rejection rate
  • Frequency of submissions over time

Manage file versions

Need to add or update files for a submissions? — no problem. With Scholastica editors can add and edit files to their hearts' content!

administrative tasks

Keep your authors, editors, and reviewers on track with automated notifications for assignments and deadlines including article assignments, review requests, R&R requests and more.

Control blindness

Easily designate single and double blind submissions and specify the information authors and reviewers are able to see, to ensure that everyone only has access to what they should.

Answer authors' questions
before they ask.

Help your authors stay on top of their submissions by enabling automatic author notifications. Notifications let authors know when their papers have been received and where they are in peer review.

Make manuscript decisions more easily

Making manuscript decisions is easier with Scholastica. Build customizable templates for your decision letters and easily send decision letters and reviewer feedback all together. Using Scholastica Peer Review you can:

  • Keep peer review moving along by assigning to-dos to editors for manuscripts that need further action or a final decision
  • Have decision letters ready to send with decision letter email templates you draft and update as needed
  • Share the reviewer feedback authors need to revise submissions - with the option to edit reviewer comments as needed

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