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Modern software and services to help small and medium scholarly journal publishers work more efficiently and meet the highest standards sustainably.

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Plan S, Core Open Access Publishing Standards & Scholastica.

We're taking steps to help journals using our software and services comply with Plan S if they choose.

Easy-to-integrate peer review, production, and OA journal hosting solutions to help you streamline your entire publishing process

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Modular publishing software and services you can mix and match
Whether you're looking for a modern and efficient peer review system, production service, open access journal hosting solution, or all three, we have the options you need. You can use Scholastica's software and services individually or seamlessly integrate them to streamline journal and vendor workflows.
Our solutions come ready to go and they're designed to help you work smarter
Scholastica's software and services come ready to go with easy configuration and automation options, so your team can get set up and start optimizing workflows fast. We pride ourselves on offering modern publishing solutions designed to help journals streamline operations and meet the latest industry standards sustainably.
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Unlimited software support for ALL users and instant access to improvements
With Scholastica, you don't have to worry about software training, maintenance, or upgrades. Our US-based team provides journals free training and support for all their users. Plus, we universally apply software improvements as they become available, so you don't have to wait for new version releases or install updates.
User-friendly software means happier and more efficient editors, authors, and reviewers
We believe peer review and publishing processes should be as efficient and enjoyable as possible. That's why we design Scholastica solutions with all users in mind. Our software features an intuitive interface, mobile-friendly pages, and easy access to customer support for editors, authors, and reviewers.
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Here to support you in the transition to sustainable open access publishing
Scholastica is committed to building software solutions that enable scholarly organizations to publish fully-OA journals sustainably. Our mission is to help lower the cost of scholarship — and we're doing that by making it easy and affordable to start or flip OA journals and comply with initiatives like Plan S.
We're serious about journal discoverability and interoperable metadata.
At Scholastica, we factor discoverability into all of our publishing solutions, and we're at the forefront of new metadata standards. Our OA journal websites are search optimized, and we generate rich machine-readable XML metadata in the JATS standard for journals using our production service and/or hosting platform.
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Quick and easy integrations with leading discovery services and archives
Using Scholastica, journals can set up integrations with leading discovery services and archives that they've been admitted to in just a few clicks, including Crossref, DOAJ, PubMed Central, and Portico. We take care of all XML generation and formatting and automatically submit metadata deposits with no work on your part.
At the forefront of the latest industry standards
As a member of the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP), National Information Standards Organization (NISO), and other leading industry bodies, Scholastica is at the forefront of publishing best practices. We're supporting the development and implementation of standards to improve research ethics, dissemination, and discovery.
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Empowering scholarly organizations to publish their way
Using Scholastica software and services, academy-led publishers operate on their terms retaining control of their content, data, copyright policies, and publishing models. Scholastica has no contracts, so you can start and stop using our solutions any time, and we offer standardized format content and data exports whenever needed (e.g., XML, JSON, etc.).

We have transparent pricing with no contracts or setup fees.

Here's an example of the cost to publish a journal using Scholastica software and services:
Peer Review System

$850 for 50 submissions per year.

OA Publishing Platform

$1399 for one year of publishing.

Production Service

$1600 for 16 typeset articles, dependent on word count/figures/tables.

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