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Create and host professional journal websites without IT

Using Scholastica's open access publishing platform, publishing teams can quickly and easily create modern journal websites without the need for advanced technical knowledge or a web developer. You'll start with a customizable website template designed for academic journals that:

  • Showcases new articles and optimizes article pages for online discovery
  • Features a responsive design that works on desktop and mobile
  • Includes site-wide search functionality to help readers find relevant articles
  • Features social media integrations, an RSS feed, and blog functionality
scholastica open access publishing platform

Rich machine-readable metadata and discovery support

Get the machine-readable article-level metadata and discovery support you need, including:

  • Rich XML article-level metadata in the JATS standard including references, persistent identifiers, copyright, and more
  • Ability to set up automated metadata deposits to major archiving, indexing, and content registration services
  • Search optimized website and article pages with descriptive HTML meta tags

Track how readers are finding and engaging with your articles

Easily track how your articles are being read, downloaded, and shared online using publishing analytics. From the publishing analytics page your team can gather insights like:

  • How many new visitors are coming to your journal website
  • Which of your articles are attracting the most readers
  • Where your readers are coming from (locations and referring websites)

Enhance your journal reading experience

Give your readers the best experience possible with superior article publishing and browsing functionality:

  • Publish traditional issues, or make articles available on a rolling basis
  • Add file and image attachments to the PDF viewer for easy reader access
  • Apply a default Creative Commons license to the body and metadata of all articles

Articles are beautifully displayed in journal websites — no redirects — with the ability for readers to save Citation (BibTex) to automate reference management.

Featured Journals Using Scholastica's OA Publishing Platform

Ability to easily import articles and publish via the arXiv

With Scholastica's Open Access publishing platform, you have the option to publish arXiv overlay journals. Accept submissions via our built-in arXiv integration and have article pages link directly to the final arXiv versions. arXiv article pages feature article details and the ability to add brief descriptions.

discrete analysis journal example

A complete open access journal publishing solution

Seamlessly move manuscripts from peer review to production to publication. When you use Scholastica's peer review system, production service, and open access publishing platform together you can:

  • Import articles accepted via Scholastia's peer review system into the publishing platform
  • Request article typesetting from the publishing dashboard and have all typeset articles uploaded to your account
  • Save time entering metadata for articles — we'll automatically apply metadata from manuscript peer-review

Automations for easier indexing and archiving

Automate Crossref DOI registration

Crossref members can automate Digital Object Identifier (DOI) registration and metadata deposits through Scholastica, to make articles easier to find and cite online.

Reach more readers with DOAJ indexing

Journals that have been admitted into the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) can set up automated metadata deposits through Scholastica for easier indexing.

Digitally preserve your articles with Portico

Journals that archive content in Portico can set up automatic content deposits for published articles to ensure that future researchers will always have access to them.

Get indexed in PMC and PubMed faster

Journals using Scholastica's production service that have been admitted to PubMed Central (PMC) can have articles automatically deposited to the database at the time of publication to speed up PMC and PubMed indexing.

Immediate Google Scholar indexing

When you publish via Scholastica, all of your articles will be automatically indexed by Google Scholar for improved search with no work on your part.

Process publication charges via RightsLink

Scholastica's peer review system can be integrated with the RightsLink publication charge management solution to streamline invoicing for journals with article processing charges.

Stay tuned for new integrations coming soon...

Plan S, Core Open Access Publishing Standards & Scholastica. Here's what we're doing to help journals comply with Plan S and meet the highest open access publishing standards.
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