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A journal website you can actually update

Introducing journal website templates beta!

Create a publication website you can easily maintain using a design template made for academic journals. Your website template will showcase your articles, enhance content discoverability, and work on desktop and mobile. You choose your branding, domain name, and customization elements.

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Anthony Bonato

"What our website on Scholastica provides is a clean, modern take on a journal website."

Anthony Bonato, Internet Mathematics

Peer review and publish open access in one place

Wouldn’t it be nice to peer review and publish all your journal articles in the same place? With Scholastica’s integrated peer review and open access publishing software you can!

  • Move articles accepted via Scholastica peer review straight into publishing
  • Save time entering metadata for articles - we’ll automatically apply all metadata from manuscripts peer-reviewed on Scholastica to published versions
  • Easily upload PDF articles and accompanying files for publication
  • Publish your articles on a free Scholastica journal profile or create a custom website with your domain and branding

A superior reading experience for your journal

Give scholars coming to your journal a more enjoyable reading experience by publishing advanced PDF articles on Scholastica. Quickly publish manuscripts you peer reviewed in Scholastica, or upload finished articles and publish them in a few clicks. PDF publishing on Scholastica includes:

  • A clean, in-browser PDF viewer
  • Ability to include accompanying file and image attachments in the PDF viewer for easy access
  • Built-in metadata, including the ability to enter your articles' Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), which helps with discoverability

Your journal’s content instantly more discoverable

Make your journal’s articles more discoverable with no extra work on your part when you publish with Scholastica:

  • Get automatic Google Scholar indexing for all published articles
  • Attract more readers with article listings on Scholastica’s Browse Articles page
  • Easily input metadata for articles, we’ll make sure search engines can parse it

Easily import articles and publish via arXiv

Scholastica gives journals the option to publish using arXiv overlay. Accept submissions via our built-in arXiv integration. Manuscripts submitted via arXiv will include author details and a link directly to the article's arXiv page.

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