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Find out which law reviews are open for submissions fast

No one likes going down search rabbit holes to check which law reviews are open for submissions — and we don't think you should have to. That's why we created this automatically-updating table of all law reviews that accept submissions via Scholastica. You can use this table to search and sort journals by name, category, and whether they're currently accepting submissions or not.

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Check out the latest Scholastica law review submissions data insights (updated for 2022)

In the crowded legal scholarship landscape, we know authors want to make informed decisions to more confidently time their submissions, and we want to help. That's why, at the start of each year, we're digging into our data (anonymized and aggregated, of course) to provide insight into what the annual submission cycle looks like, including when:

  • Law reviews open for submissions
  • Authors submit manuscripts
  • Authors request expedited decisions
  • Decisions are made by law reviews
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Spend less time managing submissions so you can stay focused on your legal scholarship

Authors and editors have a lot to juggle throughout the annual legal scholarship cycle — Scholastica helps make it easier. Here's a quick overview of our latest time-saving feature for authors, how to manage law review submissions via Scholastica, and some tips to improve your chances of getting published in one of your top choice law reviews.

Scholastica Submissions Pro Tips

Send more targeted submissions — individually or in groups

Submitting to a targeted list of law reviews is key to improving your publication chances. Scholastica makes this easier — from the submission pool, you can search for specific law reviews, filter journals by category (e.g., Con Law), and get a quick view of each journal's guidelines. Make submissions individually or in groups by selecting multiple desired titles or all law reviews in a chosen category.

Use Discussions to contact editors

You can communicate with law review editors a lot more effectively using Scholastica's Discussions feature. Discussion messages go directly to law reviews and are stored next to the submission they’re about. If you have the same question or update for multiple law reviews, you can even send Discussions in bulk to save time. Editors will be alerted each time you send a new Discussion.

Manage your submissions in groups

Once you've submitted your article to the law reviews of your choice, remember you can manage multiple submissions at once and even re-submit the same article to other journals. See how you can:

  • Send expedite requests to one or more journals
  • Withdraw a manuscript from one or more journals
  • Accept/decline publication offers in bulk

Send expedite requests with ease

You can send expedite requests to law reviews you submitted to via Scholastica from your account by following these simple steps. Expedite requests made through Scholastica are immediately visible to editors in their main work area, so they are likely to be seen sooner than regular emails.

Check your subsidization status

You can check if your institution subsidizes your Scholastica submissions by following the steps here. If you are unsubsidized and experiencing economic hardship, please view our fee waiver program here.

Know the resources available to you

Visit the Law Author Guide for an overview of how to use Scholastica and all the features available to make your life easier. And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us — we're here to help!

Scholastica's top submissions guides for law authors

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Features Law Review Authors Should Know About

Are you preparing to submit an article to law reviews this season? Before you get started, be sure to take some time to get acquainted with the latest Scholastica features to help make your life easier.

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Top Law Review Submission Tips for Authors: 2022 Edition

The law review submission cycle doesn't have to feel like a black box. In this blog post, we're rounding up tips to help you improve your publication prospects based on the latest data and recommendations.

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Answers to Law Author Scholastica Submission FAQs

Have a question about submitting to law reviews via Scholastica or the article management tools we offer? Here are answers to the top FAQs we've been hearing and links to helpful submission season resources!

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Everything you need to know about exclusive law review submissions

Are you wondering what making exclusive law review submissions means exactly and how the article selection process differs for exclusive papers? This blog walks through what you need to know.

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Advice from outgoing law review editors 2022: Part 1

What distinguishes standout law review submissions from the rest? Outgoing editors share insights into article selection processes at their journals and what they look for when making decisions.

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5 law review submission criteria authors should always look for

Law review editors put time into developing their submissions guidelines, and they're checking for adherence to them. Here are five criteria authors should be paying attention to and why.

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Find out as soon as law reviews open

Take the guesswork out of timing your submissions by signing up for Scholastica's daily law review opening email alerts. We'll send a list of any law reviews opened in the last 24 hours straight to your inbox.

Follow the latest law review updates on Twitter and The Conversation

To get updates about law review openings, announcements like article reading and decision timeframes, and author resources, follow the submission season Twitter hashtag, #LRSubmissions, and Scholastica's Law Review Twitter account @scholasticaLR!

Many law reviews also use The Conversation to post important updates right to Scholastica.

Have a question about law review submissions or advice for fellow authors? You can also use the #LRSubmissions Twitter hashtag or post to The Conversation to communicate with other legal scholars and law review editors and share your submission season experiences.