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Interested in making scholarly research more accessible and affordable? Join our team.

Why Scholastica?

You want to be part of a small team to have a direct impact every day and not be just a cog in a machine. You want to work closely with thoughtful and dynamic colleagues. You want to make science and scholarship available more quickly and affordably worldwide.

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At Scholastica, we want all employees to be comfortable bringing their entire selves to work every day. Scholastica is a company that respects and celebrates diversity in all its forms: race, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, parental status, nationality, religion, disabilities, and marital status.

We support diversity and inclusion via:

  • Anti-discrimination and harassment policies, including protection around gender identity or expression
  • Decisions made by inclusive processes, not power or politics. We want the best idea to win, so we define fair and inclusive processes for product and business decisions that anyone can equally participate in.
  • Parental leave. We offer 12 weeks of 100% paid family leave for all employees beginning on their 1-year work anniversary.
  • Flex scheduling to accommodate a wide range of team members' schedules and obligations. We have core hours from 11:15 am to 3 pm, but you have flexibility on when you want to schedule the rest of your 40 hours/week.

Our core values are very important to us

Do you value working with positive people who believe in process rather than power or politics? Want to push for the best idea and be pushed in return? Want to be part of a team who values our products helping users and being used around the world? Well, that sounds like a great match. :)

Be intellectually honest
Let the best idea win
Don't be an asshole

Be intellectually honest

Being “right” is less important than the team making the best decision we can.

If you don’t know something, say so.

Clarify your sources (users, hunches, studies, etc.) and question those sources. Don’t leave out information that might contradict your case. Don’t be afraid to make clear where you think weaknesses in an idea are.

When you want to prove something, having data that supports your point is hard to argue with.

Let the best idea win

Weigh an idea on its own merits, not based on who gave it.

Be willing to have your mind changed as new ideas and information emerge. Make clear the criteria you use to define ‘best’ in any given situation.

If you need particular information or evidence to make a judgment call, say so and go get it.

Be willing to talk for 45 minutes, not reach a conclusion, and then talk again tomorrow about the same idea.

We should strive to find the best idea, not the first one.


You aren’t working on an assembly line in the 1800s.

You have agency over what you can create.

Be creative in your work, take risks, don’t be afraid to fail. Be great. Have the courage to become your best self.


Emphasize results over activity. No one cares about how clever you sound, but everybody cares to see the fruits of your labor.

Don’t take pride in being busy for the sake of being busy – take pride in putting in the time to finish something.

ONLY work to achieve something, not to fill time.

Deliver tangible results to our customers.

Don’t be an asshole

No one likes an asshole. It’s not cute. Even your mom isn't wild about you when you’re like that. She told us.

You should appreciate the excellence in others and never hesitate to let them know.

Disagreeing happens but never let it devolve into disrespect. We’ll be spending a lot of time together so create opportunities for laughter and friendship and don’t let negativity linger.

Take the initiative to improve and repair relationships in small ways all the time.

Scholastica Hiring Process

Apply & Assess

Submit your cover letter and resume. Our hiring team will review all applicants. You should hear from us via email within 2 weeks.

Phone Screen

The hiring team will reach out to schedule a 15-minute introductory call.


Depending on the position you applied for, you will be asked to submit examples of your work or complete an exercise, which should take 1 - 3 hours to complete.

Department Interview

45 min video call to meet with the department you'd be joining.

Company Interview

2-3 hours in person or remote video interview to meet the rest of the company. This will also include another short exercise.


2-3 references will be requested.


After the company interview you can expect to hear from us within 2 weeks.

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