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Beautifully formatted HTML and PDF articles in one week, ready to be published via Scholastica Open Access Publishing

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Professionally typeset articles designed for modern researchers

With Scholastica typesetting, journals receive BOTH beautifully formatted HTML and PDF articles. Articles come ready to be published on a Scholastica journal website and feature:

  • Option to choose single column or 2-column PDF article themes
  • Support for all citation styles including Chicago, AMA, APA, and MLA
  • The ability to embed videos, graphs, and tables in the text of all HTML articles

No more wrestling with article formatting

Scholastica typesetting takes the headaches out of formatting journal articles. Just send us your DOCX or LaTeX manuscript files and accompanying images, figures, and/or data files and we’ll take care of the rest. Our team uses advanced typesetting technology to quickly produce professional articles.

Reliable typesetting - so you have more time for everything else

Scholastica manages the entire typesetting process from the time we receive your copyedited DOCX or LaTeX manuscript and accompanying files. Scholastica’s typesetting service will:

  • Create HTML and PDF versions of your article
  • Produce a full-text XML version of your article conforming to the JATS standard for indexes and other services
  • Send the article proof to the author and work with them to make any necessary edits
  • Upload the finished article to your Scholastica account

All you have to do is click to publish the final article!

More readers on any device

Scholastica typeset articles are optimized for online discovery and designed to meet the needs of modern readers. Articles scale to fit mobile or desktop and include the option to save as a PDF. When you use Scholastica typesetting your journal articles will be:

  • Accessible across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices
  • Discoverable in online searches with machine-readable metadata
  • Ready to publish to a modern journal website
  • Easy for readers and search engines to connect to other scholarly literature, with Google Scholar links for all references in HTML articles

Your journal publishing process centralized

Scholastica's typesetting service is designed to integrate with our open access publishing platform to ensure a smooth publishing process. Final articles are sent straight to Scholastica Open Access Publishing, ready to be published to a modern journal website. No need to re-upload files!

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