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Bond University migrates to Scholastica's publishing platform to make its journals fully digital

In this interview, Bond University Scholarly Publications & Copyright Manager Antoinette Cass and Publications Officer Doreen Taylor discuss why they chose to migrate the university's journals to Scholastica's publishing platform and what the transition was like.

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Streamlined peer review and PubMed-ready XML: How SMRJ is using Scholastica to grow

Since making the switch to Scholastica, the Spartan Medical Research Journal has found that its peer review process is smoother for editors and authors, its digital reading experience is more engaging, and the journal has the XML it needs to pursue new indexing opportunities.

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Making Research Available Faster Online: Why Survey Practice Chose Scholastica

Ashley Amaya, editor-in-chief of Survey Practice, the American Association for Public Opinion Research's e-journal, discusses why they moved journal peer review and publishing to Scholastica to centralize their workflows, and how Scholastica typesetting has enabled them to publish mobile-friendly articles faster.

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Tim Gowers

"I think Scholastica is great. It's easy to use and gets the job done, eliminating administrative work and helping us get manuscripts through peer review quickly. The Scholastica team is also very responsive in terms of support needs for our editors, authors, and reviewers. And the price is right. I highly recommend Scholastica!"

Sir Timothy Gowers


Discrete Analysis

"We were having a really hard time finding a submissions management system and a publishing system all in one that would actually allow us to not publish in issue format. It’s one of the big reasons that we went with Scholastica"

Ashley Amaya


Survey Practice

Journals are creating modern websites and publishing professional articles with Scholastica

Providing Students Hands-On Journal Publishing Experience: Curiosity Launches Using Scholastica

In this interview, Olga Pilkington discusses how she used Scholastica software to spearhead the launch of Dixie State University's first student-run open access journal, Curiosity: Interdisciplinary Journal of Research and Innovation

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How JHEOR works with Scholastica to fulfill the current Plan S implementation guidelines

The managing editors of the Journal of Health Economics and Outcomes Research share their experience working with Scholastica to fulfill the current Plan S implementation guidelines.

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How the journal of the European Foundation for Clinical Nanomedicine launched using Scholastica

Lajos Balogh, editor-in-chief of Precision Nanomedicine the official journal of the European Foundation for Clinical Nanomedicine, discusses how he was able to launch the journal quickly and without technical hassles using Scholastica's peer review and publishing platform

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How Sociological Science makes faster manuscript decisions using Scholastica

Jesper Sørensen, editor-in-chief of Sociological Science, discusses how Scholastica’s centralized peer review software has enabled them to set up a streamlined editorial workflow leveraging their large team to make publication decisions in 30 days or less.

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Doing More With Less: ITE Journal Uses Scholastica for More Efficient Peer Review

Two years since she started using Scholastica, Managing Editor of ITE Journal Marianne Saglam says she's less stressed about managing the journal because Scholastica keeps working for her ensuring peer review stays organized even when she isn't actively managing it.

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Efficient peer review and editorial control: Why WBCRJ chose Scholastica

Founding editor of the Wine Business Case Research Journal, Armand Gilinsky, discusses how he launched the open access journal and how Scholastica has helped them set up a streamlined peer review process with impressive manuscript turnaround times.

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Law reviews use Scholastica to improve their article selection process and make their online publications more discoverable and engaging

Houston Law Review Uses Scholastica publishing tools for improved reading experience and discoverability

Houston Law Review's editor in chief shares how they are using Scholastica publishing tools and services to make their content more discoverable online and empower readers to explore the law review from all digital devices.

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Utah Law Review uses Scholastica to create a modern website future e-boards can easily maintain

When the volume twelve e-board of the Utah Law Review decided to revamp the journal's website, they knew they needed a modern publishing platform that would be easy to pass off to future boards.

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