Powerful peer review software designed with users in mind

A peer review management system your journal editors, authors, and reviewers will actually like using.

Scholastica peer review software on multiple devices.

Get all the submission tracking and manuscript management tools you need in an intuitive system

Scholastica's peer review software is designed to help journals work smarter, not harder — with all the features editors, authors, and reviewers need for smooth submissions and manuscript management and none of the complexities they don't.

Scholastica peer review software on a tablet device.
Set up your account quickly and easily

Start using Scholastica's peer review system fast with an intuitive setup process, easy data imports, migration support, and free training for all users.

Configure the system to fit your needs

Our peer review system comes with the workflow configuration options journals need, like custom submission form fields, manuscript tags, and more.

Eliminate manual work

Let Scholastica's peer review software do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to tracking manuscripts, assigning tasks, sending reminders, and more.

Improve your author and reviewer experiences

With features to make life easier for editors, authors, and reviewers and an intuitive interface, Scholastica makes peer review smoother for all involved.

Image of Paul Larson, former Editorial Coordinator, Journal of Medical Regulation.

Scholastica is user-friendly, well-designed, and affordable — and it has made our editorial review process much smoother. The templates are excellent and reviewers can get up and running on the system very quickly. We have been particularly pleased with service from Scholastica staff, who are knowledgeable and always available to answer questions. All in all, we've had a great experience and can recommend Scholastica!

Paul Larson
Former Editorial Coordinator
Streamline editorial workflows to make decisions sooner
Scholastica's peer review software is built for efficiency to help journals make manuscript decisions faster. With a user-friendly interface and features to keep editors, authors, and reviewers on task — like powerful submission filtering, automatic assignment reminders, easy file access, and status updates — you'll be able to do more in less time.
Scholastica peer review software editor dashboard.
Scholastica peer review software Discussions templates.
Communicate faster with built-in email and time-saving templates
Manage all journal communication via Scholastica using our integrated email feature, Discussions. Recipients can view and respond to Discussions from our peer review system or their email, with threads saved in Scholastica next to the manuscript they're about. Scholastica also features Discussion email and decision letter templates to help editors send manuscript updates faster.
Build out your reviewer list and track performance
Keeping track of peer reviewers is easier with Scholastica. Referee details are stored in a Reviewers Table that you can search and sort via quick filters and custom tags. See the last time you invited each reviewer, their pending or late assignments, and performance stats like average days to complete a review.
Scholastica peer review software Reviewer's table.

Easy setup and unlimited support with no added fees

Smooth migration and onboarding

Seamlessly transition one or more journals to Scholastica's peer review system with easy software setup, data transfers, and free training.

Support and automatic updates included

Get user support for editors, authors, and reviewers and instant access to new features — no need to wait for or install upgrades.

Transparent pricing with no contracts

Always know your costs with clear pricing, no contracts, and no added software configuration, update, or support fees.

Optimize your journal workflows with data
Scholastica's peer review software features real-time journal analytics and data pulls available on demand that you can use to assess and improve your workflows. Track stats like manuscripts in progress, days to a decision, acceptance/rejection rate, and more at the journal and editor level to help your team catch bottlenecks before they occur.
Scholastica peer review software real-time journal analytics.
Scholastica peer review software manuscript work area highlighting an APC invoice.
Seamlessly process publication charges via CCC RightsLink
You can integrate Scholastica's peer review software with Copyright Clearance Center's (CCC) RightsLink tool to simplify article processing charge invoicing for open access journals in just a few clicks. When this integration is enabled, metadata to process author discounts and invoices is sent to RightsLink automatically and authors can easily access their invoices from Scholastica.
Screen for possible plagiarism with Similarity Check
To spot possible plagiarism more efficiently, journals subscribed to Crossref's Similarity Check plagiarism detection service can integrate our Peer Review System with the latest version of Similarity Check (powered by iThenticate V2). Once enabled, the integration automates plagiarism screenings for all new submissions, with results displayed in the manuscript work area.
Crossref similarity score shown in the Scholastica software.

Save time with smart automations

Peer review anonymization

Configure journals for single-anonymized or double-anonymized submissions

File versioning control

Attach new files to manuscripts as needed — we'll keep the versions straight

Reminders and notifications

Keep editors, authors, and reviewers on task with auto reminders and updates

To-do lists and activity feed

Assign personal and team member to-dos and track progress in activity feed

Easy email templates

Create easy-to-edit templates for invitations, decisions, and other common correspondences

Quick filters and custom tags

From manuscripts in progress to reviewers by specialty, find what you need fast

Get high-quality submissions with the rich metadata you need
Scholastica's intuitive submission form ensures authors don't miss a step in the submission process, helping journals get complete manuscripts with the article-level metadata they need upfront. We offer on-demand submission form customization options to add affirmations, file upload requirements, instructional text, Contributor Role Taxonomy (CRediT) fields, and more. And we include validated fields for persistent identifiers like ORCID and ROR IDs.
Image of Scholastica peer review software manuscript submission feature.
Scholastica peer review software import metadata feature.
Move manuscripts from peer review to publishing faster
Scholastica's peer review software is designed to keep manuscripts flowing so journals can make decisions faster with the option to integrate with our production service and/or open access publishing platform to streamline processes even further. Journals can import accepted manuscripts and metadata from our peer review system to our production service. And journals using our open access publishing platform can publish typeset articles as soon as they're ready in a few clicks.