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Being able to work out of Scholastica and communicate with everyone within that platform has made the process 100% more efficient. The overall quality of submissions we received on Scholastica was also much higher than before.

Lillian Smith
Assistant Editor
Solicit submissions and manage every step in article selection in one place
Say goodbye to overflowing email inboxes and spreadsheets tracking article review stages. Using Scholastica, your team can solicit submissions and manage every step in article selection in one place with tools to quickly and easily organize, tag, filter, and search for papers. Having all your law review's submissions and correspondences saved on Scholastica means you can seamlessly move between articles and pick up work right where you left off.
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More efficient article selection starts here

With Scholastica, law reviews get more than a submission system. They get the tools and support they need to track submissions and communicate with authors more effectively throughout every stage of article selection.

Reach more authors and attract top-quality submissions

When you use Scholastica, you become discoverable from the leading law review submission platform. And with tools to help authors track law review openings and make targeted submissions, Scholastica improves the article selection process for all involved. Authors can easily search for open journals and check guidelines.

Review incoming submissions and fill your volume faster

Whether your journal receives 100 submissions a year or thousands, Scholastica makes reviewing incoming papers a lot faster. Search and sort articles by date submitted, title, author, keywords, or custom tags. You can easily assign individual articles or groups of submissions to editors and even trackable to-do tasks.

Get data insights to optimize your article selection process

Collect and analyze article selection data to identify workflow optimization opportunities and ensure you’re evenly distributing submissions among editors without the need for spreadsheets. Scholastica automatically tracks core journal and editor-level stats, including assignments per editor, time to decision, and more.

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Tools to help editors and authors communicate more effectively

Gone are the days of trying to sift through inundated email inboxes. Editors and authors can easily communicate from Scholastica using Discussion messages, which recipients can respond to in the system or via email. Discussions are stored right next to their associated manuscript, and recipients are alerted to all new messages — so nothing falls through the cracks.

Scholastica also includes decision letter templates and bulk communication options for editors and authors, so sending article decisions and responding to publication offers is super fast (no excuse for the silent treatment!).

A better experience for submitting authors

Easy submission anonymization

With Scholastica, law reviews can designate if they require anonymous articles, and authors can easily include anonymized files in group submissions.

Law review opening alerts + insights

Authors can easily keep track of law review openings and the latest submission cycle data trends from The Scholastica Law Review Author Submissions Center.

Submissions tools for authors

We make managing articles easier for authors with tools to communicate with editors more effectively and track submissions at multiple law reviews.

Optimize your law review for online readers

Improving your law review's online presence doesn't have to involve tons of time or technical hassles. You can use Scholastica's easy-to-integrate production service and/or journal hosting software to modernize your publication and reach more readers:

  • Create a modern journal website in just a few clicks using our easy-to-edit template
  • Track publishing analytics, including pageviews, PDF download counts, referrals, and more
  • Optimize your articles for search with a website structured to support Google Scholar indexing
  • Make articles available in PDF and mobile-friendly HTML using our production service
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Pricing and Set Up FAQs

How is Scholastica's law review submission management system priced?

Your law review can start using Scholastica for article selection at no cost when you become part of the law review submissions pool, which allows authors to submit to multiple journals simultaneously. There is a $6.60 per journal fee for pool submissions, which institutions or authors can pay as explained below:

  • Institution pays: Institutions can subsidize Scholastica submissions for their authors. For more information, visit the Institutional Accounts page.
  • Author pays: Authors that are not subsidized by an institution will be presented with a payment form for their submissions to the pool.

Law reviews that follow a peer review process (i.e., invite external referees) and/or want to remain outside of the group submission pool can use Scholastica's Peer Review System. See pricing details here.

Does Scholastica have economic hardship policies in place?

Scholastica maintains a fee waiver program to help legal scholars experiencing economic hardship benefit from our submission tools. Learn more here.

Does Scholastica offer customer support to submitting law authors?

Yes! We provide free support for authors in addition to all editors, so your editorial board doesn't have to worry about answering any technical questions.

How are Scholastica's production and publishing solutions priced?

You can find pricing for Scholastica's production service and OA publishing platform here.

How can I start using Scholastica?

You can easily set up a Scholastica account for your law review by following these steps.