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We’re passionate about helping academic journals have all the technology they need to be successful.

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We go to work every day with a purpose - to bring positive innovation to academic publishing

Scholastica Team

Scholastica was founded in 2012 in response to a growing need in academia for a faster and more efficient way to peer review and publish scholarly journals.

Since then, the size of Scholastica's team and the scope of our software have grown, driven by our mission to give editors the tools they need to easily manage and publish advanced peer-reviewed journals at a price anyone can afford.

We believe in the importance of making research available to a wide audience, and so we're actively cultivating a platform and a community around open access publishing to help journals do just that.

Meet the Scholastica team.

Scholastica is made up of a diverse group of people with a shared goal to improve academic journal publishing. We bring our passion, creativity, and love of problem solving to work every day.



We value what we do and the process behind it.

Our five core values unite our team and push us to work smarter and harder every day.

Knowledge is collaborative, intellectually honest, and engages with the real world. Scholastica exists to support the spread of knowledge, so as a company we aim to live by the following five values:

Be intellectually honest
Let the best idea win
Don't be an asshole

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We're looking for smart and dynamic colleagues to help us make science and scholarship available more quickly and more affordably to the world.