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About Scholastica

General questions about software and services

  • Are your software and services bundled?

    Scholastica's products are modular, meaning you can use our peer review system, production service, and OA publishing platform individually or together. Our solutions work best when seamlessly integrated to help you streamline your entire journal publishing process.

  • Does Scholastica produce impact factors and rank citations?

    No, Scholastica does not produce any impact factors or rank citations. We are not a publisher or bibliometric service provider.

  • Does Scholastica offer copyediting services?

    Scholastica does not offer copyediting services, but we do have copyediting partners we can recommend (to learn more, contact us). Our production team can work directly with copyediting partners to coordinate manuscript updates. And all copyediting communication can be done via Scholastica's built-in email feature, Discussions, centralizing and simplifying the entire production process to provide you with an end-to-end solution.

  • What is Scholastica's production workflow?

    Scholastica's production process is fast and easy. Journals send us their original, unformatted DOCX or LaTex accepted manuscript files plus any attachments (figures, tables, etc.). We then produce proofs of each article in HTML + PDF within one week and share them with the corresponding author. Once we make any changes the author requests during proof review, we let the journal know so the editors can approve the final article. Articles are available in HTML, PDF, and full-text XML (JATS compliant) and produced from a single source, so files always stay in sync during proof review.

  • How much do Scholastica software and services cost?

    Scholastica's pricing is always available on our pricing page.

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