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A superior reading experience for your journal

Give scholars coming to your journal a more enjoyable reading experience by publishing advanced PDF articles on Scholastica. Quickly publish manuscripts you peer reviewed in Scholastica, or upload finished articles and publish them in a few clicks. PDF publishing on Scholastica includes:

  • A clean, in-browser PDF viewer
  • Ability to include accompanying file and image attachments in the PDF viewer for easy access
  • Built-in metadata, including the ability to enter your articles' Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), which helps with discoverability

Get your journal indexed by Google Scholar without the hassle

All articles you publish via Scholastica will be automatically indexed by Google Scholar.

If you want scholars to find your journal articles online, getting indexed in Google Scholar should be your top priority. But, figuring out how to get indexed can be a time-consuming endeavor. Thankfully, you don't have to worry about it!

Peer review and publish open access in one place

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to peer review and publish all your journal articles in the same place? Using our integrated suite of peer review and publishing tools, now you can! Journals that wish to publish open access on Scholastica can:

  • Move articles accepted via Scholastica peer review straight into publishing
  • Use the same login for everything - Scholastica peer review and publishing are on the same platform so you don't have to juggle multiple usernames and passwords
  • Save time entering metadata for manuscripts peer-reviewed on Scholastica - we'll add it automatically!
  • Easily upload PDF articles and their accompanying files to publish individual articles or entire journal issues in minutes

Easily import articles and publish via arXiv

Scholastica gives journals the option to publish using arXiv overlay. Accept submissions via our built-in arXiv integration. Manuscripts submitted via arXiv will include author details and a link directly to the article's arXiv page.

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Coming soon: beautiful journal websites!

Soon you'll have the option to publish your journal via a Scholastica website template that you can customize to reflect your journal's branding and focus. You can check out an  example of a Scholastica-hosted journal website here