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Considering using a new journal management system?

Scholastica's free guide, The Modern Journal: Technology and Peer Review Management, breaks down:

  • How editors are using different technologies to track peer review
  • The benefits of peer review software
  • Features and pitfalls to consider when choosing software - including an interactive checklist
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Why use Scholastica peer review software?

See why top journals are choosing Scholastica for their peer review platform.

"I think Scholastica is great. It's easy to use and gets the job done, eliminating administrative work and helping us get manuscripts through peer review quickly. The Scholastica team is also very responsive in terms of support needs for our editors, authors, and reviewers. And the price is right. I highly recommend Scholastica!"

Jesper Sørensen


Sociological Science
Jesper Sørensen

Easily track manuscripts throughout each stage of peer review

Scholastica's Manuscripts Table makes organizing submission easy. You can:

  • Assign manuscripts to editors and reviewers
  • Search and sort manuscripts by author, title, date submitted, and stage in review
  • Add custom tags to manuscripts and sort the Manuscripts Table by tag

Avoid communication falling through the cracks

Scholastica features built-in manuscript communication via Discussion messages. Start Discussions with editors, authors, or reviewers. Your Discussions will be:

  • Delivered to each recipient's Scholastica Inbox and email - with the option to reply via either
  • Threaded messages with all responses attached to the original message - like email
  • Saved next to the manuscript they're about so you don't have to search for them

Save time by automating manual tasks

Scholastica includes time-saving automation including:

  • Message templates for recurring communication like reviewer invitations and decisions
  • Automated notifications for deadlines, including article assignments and review requests
  • Journal performance metrics, including time to decision and average acceptance rate

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Over 300 journals use Scholastica because it's the most advanced and affordable peer review software available

  • Discrete Analysis
  • Journal of Biblical Literature
  • Technology and Culture
  • Journal of Applied Bioanalysis
  • Administrative Issues Journal


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